About Us

Who I am: Anurag Avinash Chachurde
My name is Anurag Avinash Chachurde. My age is 20 (in 2022) years. I live with my parents in Phondaghat village in the Sindhudurg district.

My Education:
I am completing my Bsc(cs) from Kankavli college, Kankavli. I am in my Last year now.

my interest:
As I am studying in the Computer field I am more interested in Computer and technology and I also know the stock market very well.
Along with finance, I am also interested in reading, writing, and sports. At the same time, I am very interested in learning about computers and technology and its changes. At the same time, I am also interested in doing social service because my parents also do social service.

my goal:
I started blogging in 2022 I want to become a successful blogger in the next 1 year i.e. 2023 and my first goal is to start my own company and create employment opportunities for young boys and girls like me to become successful bloggers too.

Also, I want to use the money I get from blogging and not spend it on myself but use some of it for poor children or society for that I want to establish an organization in the name of my parents and help me through it every year.

How did digitalrupaya.com start ?
In digitalrupaya.com since its inception, I have been posting articles about crypto, the Stock market, the Global market, World Economy, and finance.